Sublime Tiles

Maryland Themed Decorative Art Tiles

These original Maryland themed designs have been created by Scott Richardson of Westminster, Maryland.
The images are applied to ceramic tile with a process called dye sublimation.
Using a hand operated heat press a thermal reaction is generated that infuses the image into the ceramic tile coating.
The image is in the tile coating not printed on the surface. The result is a vibrant image with a glossy surface.
Tiles come with an easel back attached so they may be hung on the wall or displayed on a table top.
One image can be divided and applied to several tiles to create a mural effect.
Many designs are in vector format and as such can be enlarged without loss in image quality.
Most designs can be easily modified and/or text added to meet the end user's particular display needs.
While the tile coating is UV resistant, they are intended for indoor display and decorative use only.

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